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Tech Using the rs232 ascii functions on an slc5/03


I am an apprentice and ee student and I have been trying get a slc 5/03 to report temperature data and system status history at a fixed time interval into a microcontroller based system for a self learning project.

I have all the data structures setup and functioning properly, and the ascii instructions seem fairly straight forward and capable of doing everything I want them to do.

HOWEVER, when I go to actually do a AWT ascii write, I seem to not be sending data. Even hyperterminal shows no data being sent. I've checked my rs232 settings like stop bits and baud rate.

When I turn on chan 0 system on I get a repeating string of nonsense but when chan 0 is off I get absolutely no rs232 output.

Clearly I'm missing something. Anyone care to throw me some ideas to work with? is there a better method to see what my slc is actually sending out other than hyperterminal?
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