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Thanks, you nailed it. So obvious it hurts! I was starting to wonder if the module wasnt defective as s;33/3 was defaulting to 1 even after I factory reset the card before and after I downloaded my program. But presumably s:33/3 is 1 by factory default and in my previous program settings.

I'm still having some kind of issues but I have an output and it is repeatable and of the same structure I intended it to have. So I have my mount molehill for this weekend.

I'm trying to send the data to an arduino mega. It will probably be replaced at some point by something not hilariously cheap, but at that point I will be much more ready to reprogram that part of the project in a more serious language on more serious hardware.

Sometimes I'm all but certain I'm building a Rube Goldberg machine(SLC > Serial > Arduino > TCP/IP > Webserver > Android App. But regardless I enjoy it and I consider it part of becoming a well rounded technical professional. I've really learned alot about how to learn quickly working on this project.

great tip on REALTERM. Thank you very much.
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