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Hi I am very new with Wonderware, but we have a panel that hadn't been used for a long time so I am trying to get something started again. Also we bought some fancy processing equipment that is controlled with InTouch and I want to modify some of the items on it.

Long story short, I purchased a new copy of Wonderware Development Stuidio 2012 R2, but when I try to start it or do anything it says I am missing license.

I looked on the installation Getting Started Guide that came with the software and it simply says to go to the location mentioned above, (Programs>Wonderware>Common>ArchastraA License Manager), and to browse through the installation DVD and select ARCHESTRA.LIC file.

I browsed through the instllation DVD along with the other 3 DVDs that came with my purchase and I can't seem to find ARCHESTRA.LIC. Does anyone know where or which DVD has the ARCHESTRA.LIC or can someone help me in pointing me in the right direction.

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