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Old December 11th, 2015, 01:31 AM   #1
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CCW 525 Drive re connection issue

Hello all!

Quick run down of situation before i ask my question. Currently have a project replacing 35 1305 over remote I/O with PF525 via the AN-X2 prosoft controller.

Everything with the conversion going well except communicating to the 525 over Ethernet after initial set up of 4 drive group. This is my process:

  1. Wire power and Ethernet up on the bench (4 drives that's all the AN-X2 supports per unit.)
  2. Apply power
  3. Used GUI to change IP to AN-X2
  4. Use DHCP to assign IP addresses to 525 drives
  5. Add address ranges to RsLinx driver
  6. Download drive configuration with CCW establishing linx driver.
  7. Configure AN-X2 module
  8. Download test program for RIO control from RsLogix 500 over serial connection.
  9. Connect RIO 230.4K with resistor.
  10. control drives with test program.
  11. connect to drives with CCW through same driver.
  12. Put drives in idle state with 500 test program
  13. disconnect computer from test program and drives
  14. remove power for 15 minutes+
  15. shut all programs down.
  16. repeat steps 2,10 successfully
  17. step 11 fails to connect to the drives with CCW.
When looking at Linx after the connection failure sometimes the drives are red X out other times they are not. Two thing seem to fix this connection issue. Pinging the first address in the IP range of the drives or deleting the Linx driver from CCW and browsing through Linx again to point the program back to the same driver.

This has been consistent on four groups of four drives set up with the same switch (N-tron 108TX) and E-net cables (certified not homemade). All were changed out on the last group and the issue persists.

So after all of that my question is. Do any of you see something I'm doing wrong with CCW not reconnecting? I know it seems like a minor thing but there is a common RsLink file stored on our source control server that is universal to everyone. I want to make it as easy as possible for our techs to get connected without this kind of issue. just pull the files and go.

I almost think its a windows issue but have no way to prove it. Could just as easily be CCW or linx as well. CCW version 8.01.00 and Rslinx gateway version 3.71

Anyone else had this issue? Checked RA knowledge base and didn't find anything but could have missed something.

Any suggestions appreciated.
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Old December 14th, 2015, 11:56 AM   #2
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Join Date: Feb 2011
Location: virginia
Posts: 81
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