View Full Version : RIO 1791-n4c2

February 4th, 2011, 01:08 PM
Hi everyone n Ken 2 :)

I have a rio network setup and running. The other day I installed an additional 1791-n4c2 on the network. As we were rushed to get this done, I forgot to tie in the comm wires. As the 504 was down to change the G file, I never noticed, and the guyz were chappin at the bit to get goin - I put the 504 into run.

So all was fine, but I then noticed no communication lines to the device. So I noticed the adjacent n4c2 and 8ar were working and communicating fine and so I connected comm wires and the comm lite lit up.

So my initial reaction iz that if a rio device failz - the the other devices continue to function. Yeh, I knew that. right? that iz true?

So I went to look at the i/o table and noticed that it has some values. But wait, the values are not functioning??? oh yeah - the device (n4c2) has to be configured (dumb a$$). ok, but this is two dayz later now. So I have the settingz figured out. I have a move instruction set to dump the value into the output table when the bit iz toggled.

The all important question iz -Will It accept the input and function, without shutting down the processor??? perhaps the n4c2 will need to be power cycled - still not a problem. I just don't need the hassle of having to restart the process - plus all the ****y guyz - you know how that iz :]

So whadda ya think? I'm 90% sure all will go fine. none of the inputz/outputz are referenced in the program, so there wont be conflictz that way. Both power and comm lites are green for GO!

anybody have any experience with this. itz more a rio question i guess. cheerz