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02js4130 November 15th, 2017 04:10 AM

Data tables stored external to plc?

i have a project where a simple step by step program has been created for a batching process eg.a recipie is selected and then an ingredient is displayed on HMI and the weight ect, the operator the weighs the ingredient and once completed it roll over to the next ingredient, and then loggs the data on PC via OPCand It works fine. i now need to create one for many more recipies. Currently i am using a mIicrologix 1500.

I have bought a ML1400 and we were considering connecting the using DH485 and one plc hold the recipies and ingredients data

while the ML1500 will hold the basic data from scale ,storing barcodes ect.

I have researched that the communication is done using the MSG function but need to understand more about it,first.

As an alternative i was wondering if it is possible to have a PC connected using maybe OPC and the PLC talks to to the PC and aquires its recipe data from it maybe from Excel or SQL, if a data table was created. is this possible at all ?

ThaNks in advance

rdrast November 15th, 2017 06:57 AM

Store your recipes in a SQL database, SQLExpress works fine for that, Then use an HMI application to handle selecting a recipe and moving it to the PLC. I'm sure you could use AdvancedHMI for this, with a little bit of work, and for free.

Ignition as an HMI would make this an absolute breeze, but is more expensive.

You could probably also use something like a Red Lion HMI, or DataStationPlus.

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