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Originally Posted by vlad.rja View Post
Hello everyone,
I need to connect SLC 5/05 to my laptop using the Ethernet IP connection.
It is very simple and easy to connect.. Made one Cross-Over Cable and directly connect it to the SLC from your Notebook. There is no need of any other hardware...

First thing is that you will have to locate the IP address of the SLC.. Without it you will not be able to do anything... You can locate it with the help of the software named- "Wireshark". It will show the unknown IP address of the device via ARP (Address Resolution Protocol). You can download this software from

If your SLC has gone into the default mode means its IP is then you will have to assign a new IP to the SLC and it can be done with the help of the Bootp DHCP program provided by the AB.. You can download it with the following link...

After locating the IP address of the SLC, go to RSLinx and select Communication > Configure Driver > (In drop down box) Ethernet Devices > then press Add New (Use Default Name as AB_Eth1) > write down the IP address of the plc in row named "0" > Press OK.
Then check in Communication > RSWho > AB_Eth1 Driver > Your Icon of SLC.
If there is an Icon of the SLC in RSWho then the communication is successful and you can check it by pinging the device also..

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