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Sorry, I looked back in the above attempt at describing the old VS the new scheme. Maybe you can read through those inconsistencies.

For one, the FFL will move in a zero into the back and same time the FFU will remove which ever number comes along from the front of that one data file with each chain pulse.

In between each FFL/FFU shift of words triggered by these chain pulses, one or all 4 of those entry points will MOV in it's own string of 111, 222, 333 or or 444s, one at a time, in 4 different word locations as represented by that entry points location in the system. These entries are about 28 feet apart, but are not all equally spaced.

Again with the 3 exit points. Each will be set to look at a different word in this one data file which approximates it's physical location down the line. If product entering at entry #3 is set up to exit at discharge 2, exit gate 2 will open if it's seeing a 333 in it's place in the FIFO data table.

I guess my questions being, would there be any reason I could not or should not inject these entrance code strings into the middle of that FIFO data table? Is there some other method which might be easier or other generally preferred method of accomplishing this?

Basically I just want everything visible and moving in one, not 4 data tables and something simpler fine tune when done.

Thanks again and still sorry if I'm making this even more confusing. It's been a challenging day. (Challenging, but not PLC/code related. PLCs generally do exactly what you tell them to do. Fortunately or unfortunately, with out asking any questions other than, are you sure.)

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