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PLC-5 EtherNet Issues - Access Privileges Denied

Hello Group,

I am working on a project with RSLogix5 and an older PLC5/40 Enhanced Processor. I can go online and make edits via RS232 cable on CH0 but my SideCar 3A (1785-ENET) card is not allowing online edits. I also have an HMI that is communicating to this SideCar adapter and there is no issue.

On a side note: I have checked all my passwords and privileges....they are all RW for all 4 classes. We don't actually use this option in our plant so there is no reason to think it is an issue on this tab/setup option. Also, all rungs are set to RW as well as the 3A card is set to RW.

Fault message is as follows:

"Rung could not be inserted into online Processor!
Insert Instruction Failed: Ext Sts = 0x0B
Access Denied - Privilege Violation"

I believe that the card is pooched and I need a replacement but I just want to make sure that I'm not missing these cards are now VERY pricey.
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