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Assuming you have no other analog devices connected;

You want to use diagram 3 on the ultrasonic sensor.

Brown +24v from power supply
Blue 0v from power supply
Black "I in 0+" on the PLC

You'll need to also have a short jumper on "I in 0+" and "V in 0+" to bond them. Lastly, you'll need to run a connection from the 0v connected to the blue wire of your sensor to to "V/I in 0-" on your sensor. This is on the bottom of page 184 in the manual you linked to.

Basically blue and brown on your sensor are to power the sensor. Black is your +mA output from the sensor. But it's a 3 wire sensor, so the 0v (blue) does "double duty" both powering the sensor as well as providing a reference to the controller.
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