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Visual Studio no longer free
Scroll down to Usage
For individuals
Any individual developer can use Visual Studio Community to create their own free or paid apps.
For organizations
An unlimited number of users within an organization can use Visual Studio Community for the following scenarios: in a classroom learning environment, for academic research, or for contributing to open source projects.
For all other usage scenarios:
In non-enterprise organizations, up to five users can use Visual Studio Community. In enterprise organizations (meaning those with >250 PCs or >$1 Million US Dollars in annual revenue), no use is permitted beyond the open source, academic research, and classroom learning environment scenarios described above.
For more information, see the Visual Studio Community license terms.
So, make sure you don't install it on large enterprise computers. If your company has >USD1m in revenue, you cannot use it. This will effect the use of AdvancedHMI, possibly others.

USD500 for professional from the store.

To use the community edition in an "organisation", you will have to release your software with an OSI approved licence, and I am not sure if AdvancedHMI modified GPL licence is compatible.

Did anyone see this coming in 2005 when Microsoft first released VS Express?
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