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Best option for PC in industrial environment

Looking at installing 5 PCs around a plant to each run a session of Ignition. The environment will be dusty with some vibration, so fanless and SSDs will be used. I'm looking at Advantech and OnLogic (or Logic Supply) as options, but are these any more or less reliable than an office-grade Lenovo PC?

As a general question regarding all options, is OS corruption a common issue when dealing with full PCs? What's the best way to prepare for this or prevent it from happening? In the past I've only done this type of application with thin clients and rdp to a server, so this is somewhat new to me.

Any other issues I should be prepared for with this setup based on your experiences?

As for monitors, I was looking at Advantech's panel mount 19" non-touch monitors. They seem to be the best price I could find, but are they good quality? I've seen a lot of people recommend Hope Industrial. More expensive, but they seem to be a favourite.

Thanks in advance!
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