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As of now, there is no fix! Big applauds to Microsoft and Rockwell!!!!!

Uninstall all of your updates and if your lucky enough to have a working computer at the end of it all, then you SHOULD be good for the day to use CCW. If tomorrow it doesn't work, go through the whole thing again.
Then repeat, repeat, repeat, repeat.

If I weren't so far deep in Micro stuff already in time and money, I would gladly dump all my Micro **** on a Rockwell reps desk and tell him to keep the pile of junk.

Its no good without working software!

Yeah, yeah, I know its not Rockwells fault... Right? So our projects will continue to suffer with nobody to blame.

Iv been a Rockwell user for a good 15 years now. This is the worst **** they have pulled yet! If you haven't guessed it.... I'm absolutely F**&^ tired of this issue!
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