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Old February 15th, 2005, 10:06 PM   #1

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block transfers to panelview 550

hi guys, i have been through alot of the archives and have learned alot on the subject of the btr and btw instructions.
i have started not too long ago a new robotic cell that is going to be 90% rio. 2 ABB S4 robots with rio, 2 1791-IOBW rio block i/o and
1 panelview 550 with rio. A SLC 5/03 is the prossessor with a scanner card.

I have the robots and block i/o down pat. Now i am trying to grasp
the concept of btr and btw to a panelview when i am so used to dh-485 connection directly to the slc.

i have reserved the last logical rack "3" for the panelview
should i reserve the first 4 groups for btw
and the last 4 groups for btr ?

also all my data is in n60,n61,n62 and n63 files first 2 for outgoing
information and last 2 for incoming information from the panelview.

when i block transfer my outgoing info i can grasp assigning the buffer file, data file and control block but when it comes to requested word count would it be 2 and that would encompass both the 16 bits in the n60 and the 16 bits in the n61 file. So i could use 1 btw instruction to trasfer 32 bits of information at once.

anouhter thing, trying to use this information in the panelview.
i am used to just assigning tag addresses to correspond to the actual n60:1 or n60:2. will this still be the case?

when i btw all of n60 and n61 will it show up at the panelview as n60 and n61?

when i btr from the panelview, say push a momentary button and i write that to a tag which has an address of n62:1 do i just set up anouther buffer file and control block and data file to correspond to that n62 file?

these are probably pretty stupid questions but all i can find out there is examples in ladder logic and nothing showing the panelview program and how they address there tags.

could someone point me in the right direction?
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Old February 15th, 2005, 10:55 PM   #2
New Zealand

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Are you sure you need block transfers?

If all you have is 32 bits each way, I would say no. Just use discrete addresses like I:030/2, etc. Note that for each 'module group' you will have 16 inputs and 16 outputs.

If you must use BTX, then only one group (0) is used. Read and write to this location with up to 64 words. If using multiple transfers, all BTR's must have unique lengths and all BTW's must have unique lengths.
when i btw all of n60 and n61 will it show up at the panelview as n60 and n61?
Depends on how you set up the BTX in the PanelView. Easiest is to use the same addresses as in the PLC. You won't be able to transfer two files with one instruction.

Save yourself a lot of work and avoid the block transfers. The hardware combination you have must be the worst possible for doing BTX.
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