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Hello Everyone,

I was wondering if anyone has any suggesting on getting Ethernet Cables with RJ45 connectors into control panels.

Looking for N4x/IP66 rating, single cable is okay, but may need options for upto 4 cables.

Have a great weekend!

Sometimes just the right size strain relief will fit, usually end up having to reterminate the ends though. There are bulkhead type connectors available, which have a jack to plug into, but not sure if they are in the NEMA rating you'd need (if any). Haven't seen anything for multiple cables, other than running a multi-ethernet Teck cable, but you'd still have to terminate those, too.
I'm a bit of a redneck but my two favorite CGBs are Arlington LPG50 and LPG507. The latter will accommodate a terminated Ethernet patch cable but you have to "bush" it with some Super 33 to get the gland to grip it. Those Arlington CGBs have the best cable range of any make/model I have used.

Years ago, I needed a more professional CGB for a robot cable in a washdown environment and someone referred me to this site:
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For a single cable I’ve used something like McMaster Carr part number 5302N12 the rubber grommet is split so you can get it over the cable and the connector throat is oversized.
I agree; the simplest way to get one pre-terminated cable through a cabinet wall is a "split gland" type cord grip.

Most vendors have a type like that. I admit to slicing more than a few rubber grommets to DIY in noncritical applications. Heyco makes a tidy and inexpensive unit that will pass an RJ45.

I've assembled a *lot* of Roxtecs. It's the disassembly and reassembly that will make your fingertips sore.
+1 for Icotek. Availability has been good for us in the US. Good to know that McMaster stocks them but you'll pay considerably less if you go through an Icotek distributor. (The drawback is that everything is sold in multiples of 10.)

If you use a lot of them I would recommend getting the corresponding knockout punches... fairly pricey but it saves a lot of sawing and even makes little dimples to locate your drill for the mounting holes.

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