GE FANUC 90-30 Problem with LogicMaster


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Hello, I've been around PLCs for quite a few years but am by no means an expert. I am delighted to have recently discovered this website and this is my first post.
We have a few GE 90-30's CPU 311. I am trying to load the program from one into LogicMaster 90 version 9.02. I was able to transfer the "configuration" as well as the "stored data", but trying to get the "program logic" I get the message: "load aborted- PLC contains files incompatible with this release".
I downloaded the demo version of LogicMaster 90 from GE FANUC/SUPPORT. I think it is version 8.something. Got the same result.
If I am interpreting the compatibility matrix correctly, the software should work.
Any help with this dilemma would be appreciated.
Donnie Akins
Thanks, Steve

Thanks, Steve for a timely response. You must be right abou the program not having been created in Logicmaster. But the compatibility matrix (GE FANUC SUPPORT DOCUMENT GFK-1068) indicates that Versapro cannot be used to program the 311 CPUs. But that does not rule out Machine Edition. I got a price quote from our GE rep in Atlanta a few months ago. I think it was $1200 for Machine Edition. That's hard to justify to the plant manager for supporting 3 PLC's that have been workhorsing for years without any problems. Unfortunately I don't know the history of the machines prior to my arrival 2 years ago, except that they were bought second-hand. In the declining domestic textile industry, the OEMs are out of business. Currently running without any PLC related problems, but there will come a day---and I would like to be prepared for it by backing up the programs at least. I'm open to suggestions.

Donnie Akins
Actually, the compatibility charts are a bit misleading. They lead you to believe that VersaPro and/or Machine Edition cannot be used to program the older firmware versions. The reality is that the older firmware can be programmed with the newer software, but there are operational issues. An old CPU programmed with VP or ME may exhibit unusual behavior under certain conditions. For instance, I think with some versions, opening the fault tables with VP could cause the CPU to stop running the program. Depending on the application, that could be a nuisance or a catastrophe.

If you go online with Logicmaster, you can still check the firmware version of the CPU. Go to "PLC Control & Status" (F3 from the main menu) and then "PLC Memory Usage" (F5).

If the boss won't approve purchasing the software, maybe you can locate a local integrator who can come in for a few hours and make backups for you. That should cost less than purchasing the software. What part number did the local distributor quote? I've been out of the loop on prices for a few years, but that sounds a bit high to me.
Thanks again Steve for your input. I got a new quote today on the Proficy Logic Developer Standard with hardware key @ $980 plus another $120 for the programming cable. Hopefully I can convince the boss to spring for it.

Donnie Akins
If you need to justify costs, consider the $1200 vs. cost of downtime and having to call a vendor with the software... It's good insurance!

Also, with the ME, you probably will still get logic NE. You will have to suck in the program to ME, then download it back to the PLC. All will be well after that.
There was a version you could run for 4 days or so in demo mode, then you needed to reinstall to get another 4. You could get the programming cable, archive software during the demo period, then reload the software if you ever crash.
This would only be possible if your archives will stay intact during the reinstall of software. Steve, please clarify.
The four-day trial period is still valid. All of your project files remain intact through the uninstall/reinstall process.

However, there may be some issues with that work-around when using recent versions of Proficy Machine Edition. See this thread from two years ago.

It looks to me like what happens is that the software searches the entire hard drive for the license. That's what takes so much time. I don't know if you can shorten the time by installing ME into a smaller partition.

They also have a version of the software that uses a USB dongle as the license key.
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With Proficy ME 5.60 and WinXP (Latest) there are no issues or delays in running the 4 day trial or in un-installing and re-installing for another 4 days. By default it will not delete any projects either. Quite generous of GE Fanuc.
Unless things have changed recently, its not available for download. You will have to get a copy of the CD. The best place to do that is your local distributor.

For Georgia, that looks like GE Supply in either Macon, Norcross, Augusta, or Savannah.

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