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Hi, let's see if someone can help me here.

It's the first time I work with a GE FANUC PLC. The client gave me the backup files they took from the working PLC and a copy of LogicMaster90. This program didn't work because of 64bit on my PC, and the emulator was not good.

I swaped to Versapro and created a NewFolder importing everything from the original LM project. After doing some magic to being able to view the blocks from the code (I could only see the main block at first) I got to this Im showing in the pic. The Hardware Configuration is OK, but in the program blocks I see instructions without address. Why can this be, and most importantly how can it be restored?

These are both outdated and obsolete software packages.
Try importing the LM90 package into Proficy ME.
It is likely not showing up properly in VersaPro because it was not properly "Imported" into VersaPro or the LM90 logic was incomplete or corrupted.
You may post the LM90 files and someone will try to convert for you to see if the cause can be found and corrected.
1.If you want to see the addresses in Versapro go to:

Tools - Options - Ladder

in the opened window you can sign what you want to see.

2.For to get Logic equal you need to :

1. Create new project

2. make communication Plc - Pc

3. Upload all the program from Plc to Pc

5. Download the program from Pc back to PLC.

Thanks for your answers, I don't have Proficy ME, and there's not an option to buy it.

I'm uploading the pic I forgot in the original post, and the files of the PLC. Maybe you can tell me if they are corrupt or something. thanks!



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The Logicmaster folder you supplied is valid. It appears that the folder was uploaded from the PLC. I say that because there is no text for any of the rung comments nor are there any names or nicknames in any of the Logicmaster variable declarations tables. I was able to successfully import the Logicmaster folder into Proficy Machine Edition.
You will have to experiment with the display options in VersaPro to get it to display the addresses because addresses are are you have to work with. I'm sorry I can't help you any more with the VersaPro display settings. I don't have access tonight to a computer with a valid VP license.

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