GE Logicmaster 90 PLC Program Version Control

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We use GE Logicmaster 90 (V9.05) DOS software on a Windows XP laptop to maintain one instance of PLC equipment using a GE Series 9030 CPU and I/O modules. The original PLC program and PLC hardware was provided by the equipment manufacturer.
We have successfully used Logicmaster to backup the contents of the PLC and to also make minor program changes online from time to time.
To date we have always used the current program folder e.g. C:\LM90\H60156. In Logicmaster the program folder (H60156) has to match the program name in the PLC (H60156) to maintain 'LOGIC EQUAL'.
It would be good to introduce PLC program version control where we i) keep a copy of the old program / program folder name e.g. H60156,ii) edit the program online and save this as a new program / program folder name e.g. H60156a - but without having to clear the PLC and upload the new program to the PLC (for simple changes we would just like to be able to do all of this whilst still connected).
Being able to save the current PLC program and contents to a new name \ folder and then making the program changes would achieve the same thing (a bit like Save AS in Windows). As yet we have been unable to find good information in the Logicmaster on how to achieve this for PLC program version control.
If anyone experienced with Logicmaster has developed a method for achieving this we would appreciate your advice.
It has been awhile for using LogicMaster. Unfortunately, I did not do much version control when using it.

There are backup and restore options in LM90 under F8 Folder Functions.

I "think" you can copy the folder in Windows Explorer and rename it there.
You will have to stay 8 characters or less because of DOS limitations.
I did some testing.

If you copy the folder in Windows, you can not open it in LM90.

It might still work for version control, but you would have to rename the folder to the original name to use it.

You might look into updating to Machine Edition and get rid of LM90.

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