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Im currently using sss and i know that there is other OMRON PLC software out there. I want to upgrand and I was just curious on what people are using and what is popular. I know of Syswin, CPT and CX programmer but don't know what the pros and cons are of each. Im currently using SSS for the following PLC's: CVM1, C200H(G AND X) CQM1, and the C1000. I need for the software to be backwards compatible with SSS. Any opinions?


CX-Programmer is the newest software, which Omron has; the other versions have become mature products and have been replaced with the CX-Programmer. The CX-Programmer is windows based software, which makes it much nicer than the old DOS software. One of the neat things, which Omron did, was make the keyboard configurable, so if you were use to the hot keys in one package you can use the same keys. This cuts down on the learning time.

I just received version 3.0 in the mail and it has some really nice features, including the ability to convert old Omron software programs to CX-Programmer files, you will throw rocks at the SSS package you are now using.

I think you can upgrade your SSS package to the CX-Programmer at a reduced price; this is what I did with my Syswin package.
go the CX Package

Ive also used Syswin and last year I upgraded to CX. Both are great intuative package. The CX is a bit more powerful and doesn't require a dongle so if you have a choice, get the CX as it does almost every Omron PLC.
Man!!!! LSS and SSS were for the birds. Used CAPS on DOS. Syswin was still is a great package and is still my favorite piece of PLC programming software of all brands. Function keys in this package are great and cut down on development time. It is very intuative but unfortunately does not support the latest PLCs such as the CS1 and the very small, cost effective and very powerful CJ1.Beats the heck out of that IEC stuff that usually comes with no function keys. Man would finish up with RSI from using a mouse.
Cx-Programmer is very good but is a little fiddly when setting up networkes, compared to Syswin. Much more powerfull though but do not put it on a computer with very little horsepower. It will choke. This is the price of more power and functionality unfortunately.
Selectable function keys are a boon. You can set the thing up to work how you want it to work. Just make sure you set all computers running the software the same way. You can select how you want it to look on screen and even change screen fonts etc to suit the particular computer in use. I find Arial and Arial narroe as good as any for readability. Version 2.1 has fixed my only real beef, the lousy printing function in version 2.
Go with Cx-Programmer if you write code regularly and require support for the u-beaut CS1 and CJ1 PLCs. They are both rocket ships and have many features not found in a lot of other PLCs. beerchug
Well it sounds like the cx sounds good but is it backwards compatable with the SSS programs? See im one of maybe 100 people writing programs for various machines accross my whole plant. So if i modify a ladder program I have to have 100% faith that the next guy can download from disk/PLC with SSS (that's the plant standard) and back the program up or what ever. That's going to be the number one argument with getting my boss to buy it. If i call the vendor or even omron, they will say "oh yaaaaa sure, works great!!" but it's usually a different story once you have a problem. So it would be great to know from poeple who have feild tested this stuff.

Were going to have to upgrade sooner or later becuase the dos stuff dosn't work to well with the new laptops coming with win2k/xp.

As I stated in my orginal reply the CX-programmer has conversion tools built in, so that you can convert the older programs to CX-Programmer files.

I would advise you to call your local Omron person and have them show you the CX-Programmer software and how to convert the older SSS files. That way you can see for your self how this is done. I am sure your boss would want to see this as well.

This Question is like me now,as I'm doing in CX programming software,my solution in this issue is copy and new create ladder because the ladder diagram not big program.

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