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I going to be working with an Allen Bradley Panelview 550 and need to make sure I have all the right cables and connections to Upload the program from the Panelview to my laptop, make the proper changes, and redownload.
Right now the panelview is connected using DF1 connection to a SLC 5/04. I'm assuming it is a 2711-NC13, NC14 or 2706-NC13 cable.

Can I use this same cable to connect directly to the serial port of my laptop?

I also have a 1747-UIC that I've used before when connecting to DH485.
Yes, same cable. ( straight thru cable)
It always helps to post the complete cat. number of your panelview.
As mickey says, it's just a straight-through cable... if you need another one, I suggest going to Radio Shack and picking up an RS-232 cable... it was quite a bit cheaper than the AB one for me!
The reason I ask about the Cat. number, is just because the PV is connected to the serial port on your SLC does not mean its DF1 protocol.
The SLC5/04 serial port can be configued for DH485. Your PV can be DH485 protocol with a RS232 port.
If you have the offline files for your SLC or PV you can see how the ports are configued if your not sure.
If it is DH485 then your 1747-UIC will work for you.
In the PLC the RS232 port is setup for DF1. I don't have the panelview program yet, that's why I need to upload it.

I know that this Panelview 550 is a keyboard only with a RS232 and a DH+ connector.
Even better than 2 cables is just get a null modem adapter to stick on the end of your straight thru cable. Saves from having to carry 2 cables.
I know that this Panelview 550 is a keyboard only with a RS232 and a DH+ connector.

This is why the cardinal rule of PanelView Questions is "Post the Complete Part Number".

If you have a PanelView with a DH+ connection, then the serial port can be used for upload/download or printing, but not for runtime communications.

Which means that either you're mistaking a DH+ twinaxial link for a 2711-NCxx cable, or somebody just plugged two ports (RS232 on the SLC-5/04 and RS232 on the PanelView 550) together because they looked the same.

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