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So I have been wondering, the copy of the ethernet/ip molex tool I have (2.3.0 build 3) was from the molex website and only has a few tabs:
List Identity, Explicit Message, Class, 0x01 Identity, 0x06 Connection Manager, 0x47 DLR, 0x48 QoS, 0xF5 TCP/IP, and 0xF6 Ethernet Link.

But I have seen other screenshots of the molex tool with more tabs for other functions, including things like 0x310 IO-Link, 0x305 Sample Application, and 0x306 Copy IO Object, just to name a few.

Do you know if these are newer copies of the tool, or perhaps paid versions, or just features that need to be enabled?

Also, does anyone know how to use a long link address in the CIP routing path in the tool?

Maybe this is a licensed version that has support for additional classes? My version is the same as yours.
OK, with 2.6.1 that I linked above, there is a shortcut in the ZIP that adds a /DEV flag to the exe when it runs is, which unlocks a bunch of tabs.
Also, does anyone know how to use a long link address in the CIP routing path in the tool?


Trevor, hi.

I do not think this tool supports setting custom CIP paths. Depending on the tab selected, the class ID is fixed.

I guess you could write a CIP custom path in the explicit message tab, but in order to be a meaningful request, you would have to write in hexadecimal all the remainder of the request.

What are you trying to do? Perhaps it may be possible to use a Logix or Codesys program for your needs?
Hello AlfredoQuintero, I'm interested in being able to use the tool in a DLR ring from the PCN. So cip routing path of,1,9,,1,1 for example.
I see where I can set a routing path, but it will not allow me to input a long link address such as an IP address.
Yes, this tool only allows you to set an IP address in the "Station" box. As far as I know, this tool does not support port segments, such as the one you describe.
Under options, there is the list of port segments. It says it is for unconnected path, but it also works on connected messages.

In this example, it is hitting backplane, then slot 0.

Screenshot 2023-11-20 073543.png
Trevor, I had never tested this functionality.
Will look into the syntax of these XML files. Cannot find in the XLM files any syntax related to CIP path.
I reached out to Molex, here is what they sent back to me:
Here is the link to the version we have on our download center. Tool

Unfortunately, there is no way to enter the path into an INI file, like you were asking about.

You can specify an IP Address in the routing path (see below).
Since this is a free utility, I can't spend too much time on this, but hopefully the following will point you in the right direction. I sent this same information to another customer and they were able to get their setup working with the information below.

You need to enter the path one character\digit at a time (see screenshot below), each on a separate line in the EIP tools path area.
Here is an example of a path that goes from my PC to an Ethernet module in a Rockwell PLC and then from that PC out of another Ethernet module in that same PLC rack to a module in Slot 7 in the remote PLC rack. You can see how each digit of the IP Address is entered as a separate number. In this screenshot the numbers are in hexadecimal and are the ASCII representation of the digits within the IP address.

If you want help in generating the path you can download and install our Profibus Configuration Tool and if you select the SST-PB3-REM module as the master\scanner in the Profibus configuration then under the properties of the PB3-REM module (after adding it from the library into your configuration) you can use the CIP Path Editor under the "Comms Channel" tab to help you create your path an then recreate it manually in EIP Tools.

Link to profibus configuration tool:

I did not know about this CIP path editor. This looks awesome.
Will find some time to play around with this.

Molex support is son kind for giving this free of charge support,

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