View Full Version : RSView32 & MicroSoft Forms 2.0 ListBox

October 20th, 2008, 10:32 AM
I cannot get a Microsoft Forms 2.0 activex listbox to populate from VBA code. I am using RSView32 version 7.4. I can get text to populate in it from a command button, but not from VBA. Here is my code that adds a blank line, but no text to the listbox:

Dim tagTemp_Ingredient As tag
Set tagTemp_Ingredient = gTagDb("RECIPE\Temp_Ingredient")
tagTemp_Ingredient.Value = strRecipeValues(1) 'this string variable is populated through other code, I checked and it always
'contains a value
gCommand.Execute ("Invoke Admin.ListBox1.AddItem(Temp_Ingredient)")
Set tagTemp_Ingredient = Nothing

I do not think I can populate the listbox from the invoke command in VBA with a VBA native value such as strRecipeValues(1) (string array). I think I need to use a tag. I have the Temp_Ingredient tag assigned to the value parameter in the ListBox1 properties.


October 20th, 2008, 10:46 AM
:o: gCommand.Execute ("Invoke Admin.ListBox1.AddItem(Temp_Ingredient)")
The Temp_Ingredient is located in a root folder which I did not insert in its path. It is now working.

RECIPE\Temp_Ingredient is the tag.

:banghead: That was only about 2 hours going around in a circle. Live and learn.