View Full Version : Which driver to use with S7 TS adaptor V5.2 ?

November 13th, 2008, 11:31 AM
Hello all,
Could someone please help me with an issue I have with a Siemens S7 TS ADAPTOR V5.2 (MPI/DP to RS232)....

I am trying to communicate using Microwin Ver 4, to an S7-224, using a Simatic S7 TS ADAPTOR V5.2 plugged into my standard laptop.

Firstly I am unsure whether I should be using a "straight thru" 1to1 2to2 3to3 serial cable, or a "null-modem" serial cable (2to3 3to2 crossover etc) to connect the TS adpator rs232 port to my laptop... ???
(I have tried BOTH)

Secondly which type of comms driver should I be using from the "SET PG INTERFACE" option ?

I have tried PC ADAPTOR using AUTO, MPI and PROFIBUS flavours (with various baud rates etc )

and I have also tried PC/PPI cable - with various settings.

My TS Adaptor is switched to 19.2Kb.
I know from the offline project that the PLC comms port is address 2, set to speed 19.2Kb

I get various messages ranging from "timeout erros" thru " check the cable" and also "the port can not be opened..." - depending on what comms driver I use...

ANY advice would be gratefully accepted !

Thanks very much !


November 13th, 2008, 11:39 AM
Oh another error message that I am slightly confused by is ...
If I select "PC ADAPTOR (AUTO)" as the driver, then dble-click to refresh Microwin comms display, it displays
"THe baud rate selected is not supported by the current interface. Change the baud rate in the SET PG INTERFACE to one that is supported."
BUT I GOT everything set to 19.2K ! - and I even know that the PLC port is also 19.2Kb - so I do not understand why it says that !?

If I press "START NETWORK DETECTION" in the properties of the PC ADAPTOR (AUTO) selection, it comes back quite quickly with "The Bus parameters could not be determind because a communication error occurred.Check the interface and cabling."

Once again.. ANY advice gratefully accepted !