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Karinrinkashi March 7th, 2018 01:13 AM

1761 eni net pc comms
Hello everyone!

It is 1 AM here and i am still at work. Mostly because of our filler issues, but then those got extended to my 1761 ENI NET switch with a red fault light on and i tried resetting it but nothing happened. Then someone walked by and flipped the switch and power cycled it (just like i had been doing for hours) and the fault went away. So the victory was stolen form under my nose.

I decided to take a new 1761 ENI NET switch and configure it with the settings from the old one and see if that one faults out too sometime. I downloaded a Comm Port Something software and then i downloaded the ENI Utility. After 30 minutes of following the manual instructions and then following them AGAIN and AGAIN, BAM! i was able to connect to the switch. I put in the IP address from the old one 199199199140 and subnet 2552552550 and the flashing red fault light (no ip assigned) went away. Then me being an idiot and not accepting this small little victory, i decided to hook upto it again using the utility, this time i exported the info out of the 1761 eni just to make sure that ip address was correct ( i had already checked it from RSLinx, but stupid me). As i extracted the info, i saw the BOOTTP checked and then i noticed "always" and "Fallback" options available. I quickly went to the manual and read about them. I checked "Fallback" option and downloaded the settings to the ROM of ENI. AND BAM! Red flashing light started again, this time with comm port error, and the utility not being able to connect at all. My ethernet cable flashes greens as if communicating well, my utility says connecting and shows progress and bam! the ethernet on 1761 shows amber lights, and i lose connection. The red fault light goes from flashing red to solid to off to MOSTLY flashing red. There is no way to factory reset this damn thing, i think. So what can i do? How can i undo whatever i did? I should have just left it alone after putting in the IP address but i was so excited to configure it!
The utility keeps giving me error on Com port as in invalid comm port. But i used the same one! I deleted all drivers from Linx, deleted all ports from comm port redirector, uninstalled the comm port redirector software, and then followed the whole thing again. NO LUCK! The port rs232 lights keep blinking without any cable, RX light blinks as if possessed, the ethernet port light blinks amber when no ethernet present. Fault light goes away sometimes but mostly flashing.


shawn_75 March 7th, 2018 04:57 PM

Connect it to a network with a DHCP server that will assign it an IP address you can access from your PC.

From the command line:


telnet [ip address DHCP assigned it] 1500
Through this telent session, you can configure your ENI. I suspect you may be saving to RAM instead of ROM in the ENI utility. You'll still need to use the ENI utility if you do any configuration of message routing or email.

Also, in the ENI utility, you have to enter your subnet mask as will not work. All three digits must be filled in for the IP, subnet mask, and gateway.


Ih8Siemens March 7th, 2018 11:50 PM

Well if you have some rockwell products I believe if you search your computer you will find an application called BOOP-DHCP Tool. Its fairly self explanitory but get your mac address off of that switch and run that tool to see if it pops up in there. if it does then you're golden. If you need help shoot me a PM but the program is pretty easy to handle.

Karinrinkashi March 8th, 2018 09:36 AM

Thank you for all your replies.

I will try and then come back with my findings.

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