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Maple Systems HMI Screen Control

We had to replace a Maple Systems HMI with a new one and the programs are not compatible and I can't decode it so I'm starting from scratch. My first problem I can't seem to figure out is how to monitor the current screen number in the PLC (SLC503).

From the Maple FAQ I found this
The PLC can monitor the current window displayed: Local Word LW9050 contains the number of the currently displayed base window. The PLC may also use incremental windows plus an offset. Load the offset window number into LW9055 (i.e. 10) and the PLC Control object can contain the value to add (i.e. 2) to get a result of window #12.
I have the PLC changing the screens as it needs to but sometimes it is on the wrong screen and I need to PLC to see that and change it to the correct screen. How do I read LW9050 in the PLC?

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