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Create a New PLC Object and select change window, make it just like the picture I have attached (Plc Control)(Make sure "Clear Data After Window Change) is checked, the trigger address can be of your choice as long as it's not being used elsewhere in the program - I use 500)

Now create a Macro (I named my Change_Window) but you can name it to fit your needs, make it just as my (ChangeWindowMacro) shows.

Now if you notice what I'm doing in the Macro is writing a 1 to location LW-500 and the "PLC-Control object" is always monitoring this address, when it change from a 0 to 1 the macro will change screen (gotoscr =??) and at the same time the "Trigger Bit gets cleared" so it will be ready for another change.

So now anytime you want to change to a window - write a 1 to address LW-500.
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