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FactoryTalk View SE 7.0 to FT View SE 5.10 Problems

Hello gents,

Have you ever ran into this? You have two versions of FactoryTalk View SE, one is 7.0 and the other one is a much older version 5.10

You've developed a whole bunch of new screens in the 7.0 you would like to export to the 5.10 and during the import, 5.10 gives you a whole bunch of import errors. When you try the "Add component into app" method (i.e. *.gfx files) you also get errors.

Yes why don't I just upgrade the 5.10 to 7.0... well... logistically it's complicated... as a main supervisory workstation, I'm not able to disable that machine any time soon... but long term, upgrade is in order.

any thoughts?

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