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I read a tech note on RockwellKB and a release they had for the same problem I am having. Instead of a fix they just decided to let everyone know! Also, itís 21.03.02 that is the main source of the problem,
My guess is that you're referring to Knowledgebase document 724630 (TechConnect Required). If it's not, please post the Knowledgebase document number that you are commenting about.

What document 724630 describes is a situation where you can't upload from a CompactLogix controller with version 21.011 firmware if you have Studio 5000 version 21.00.00. The document is addressing a specific message with a specific set of software, rather than being a general document about the matter.

That was one manifestation of the transition from "non-resilient" to "resilient" firmware. Rockwell definitely made a mess of the documentation on the issue.

There is a more general explanation of the issue and how it manifested itself in RA Knowledgebase document 582891. As with many Internet sites, it's best for your blood pressure if you don't read the comments.

The solution today is to use the appropriate version of RSLogix 5000 / Studio 5000 that supports both resilient and non-resilient firmware controllers.

For a 1756-L71 controller with version 21.03 firmware, that would be Studio 5000 version 21.00.04.

I am reasonably confident in this compatibility, as I have a couple of systems in the field that I intentionally put 21.03 firmware on 1756-L71 controllers, and I installed and support the engineering workstations with Studio 5000 version 21.00.04.

If what's really going on is a Security feature like "OEM Lock" or other routine source code protection, that's a different matter. A customer who ruined their relationship with their integrator/programmer might also have ended up in a conflict over ownership and payment for the content of the controller.
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