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OK, can't believe I am being pulled in to this again. The danger of not earthing a system is that one electrical fault can go undetected but can kill someone, simple as that. If you choose not to earth the system then you must use a design system that separates the dangerous voltage and the 'safe' voltage so that no fault can ever cause them to meet. Generally it means separating the mains and controls in separate parts of a panel. If you have a mixed panel as most industrial boxes are with contactors switching mains next to relays working at 'safe' voltages then you must earth the secondary.

but I have solved problems by removing the ground.
You didn't fix the problem you just painted over it with dangerous paint. The problem is still there, you have a lousy earth system that needs to be fixed, people have died because of bad earths.

Sometimes you have to have a floating system, but you must be very aware of the consequences.
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