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I had seen a C200H-CP114 PLC and it had like 4 or 5 output blocks connected to it. I was wondering what is the output address you give in the program with so many outputs.
The C200H-CP114 is an Intelligent I/O module that can be mounted to a C200H style I/O rack. The 'CP" in the part number refers to "Cam Positioner." The module is basically a resolver (similar to absolute encoder) input module and has 48 preset outputs surrounding a 720 degree (360 in 1/2 degree steps) rotation. The first 16 presets are available as direct outputs and can directly drive relay blocks. See attachment below. Here is the link to the manual:C200H-CP114 Cam Positioner Module
The CPM1A PLC uses terminal strip I/O blocks but can be terminated to relay blocks with pre-terminated cables. Here is the link:Pre-Terminated Cables
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