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Changing the computer name can screw up factory talk directory.

Make sure your Windows Administrator account has a password.

Open "Factory Talk Administration Console" File-Log on and select Directory:Network and use Windows Administrator Password.

Under Computers and Groups\Computers add the new VM's computer name.

It may only work to add the PC name before the name changed. Maybe change it back, add the new VM's name, then change it again.

I've had particular grief with FTV if the PC has changed names if it has ever been open. RSLogix survives a lot better. If I install FTV but never open it, it will survive an image deployment to another PC. I will see if I can dig up the errors.

The tool "Specify FactoryTalk Directory Location" will show IF it's pointed to another FT server, and allow you to change it. In your FTAC window in capture 1 it says "Network (THIS COMPUTER)" meaning it is not pointed to a remote Network directory.

Try "FactoryTalk Directory Configuration Wizard", and try re-configuring the Local directory (it will ask for your local Windows admin password).
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