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Old March 10th, 2017, 01:31 PM   #16
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Can't Delete a Task

I know this is an old topic, but since I ran across it while trying to delete a task I know others will still need this info. First off there seems to be confusion in this thread between what a Task is and a program. Tasks are the folders that contain programs, they are either continuous, event, or periodic type. Programs are the folders that you place in a task. Both have issues that make them a little difficult to delete but in shot you start at the bottom and delete from the bottom up, you also have to make sure that programs are not scheduled in their parent task. Now my problem was I was converting a PLC 5 project to Logix and when you do that they create a bunch of Event tasks rather than putting it all in continuous like it was in PLC 5. So like everyone else I move them BUT the big problem was there is an instruction that I had never seen that is an event instruction and it is used like a JSR anyway the way I figured out why my Task could not be deleted was I right clicked on my Task and did a cross reference and that is how I found the Event instruction within my Main continuous task. If the task is referenced at all you can't delete it. so I deleted the Event instruction that referenced my task and bang Right click, click delete and your done. Hope this helps someone get this done MUCh faster than I.
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Old March 10th, 2017, 01:35 PM   #17
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You see those are not tasks those are programs.
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Old February 27th, 2018, 06:07 AM   #18
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Originally Posted by Tmm2112 View Post
... I ran into the same problem with Tasks when I translated an old PLC5 program to CLX. The translator created a task for every routine for some reason and instead of re-doing the translation, I moved...
The reason it created so many tasks for the programs is:

1) (Single file tasks) In the original project, there is no (JSR) calling the program in the new task. (in my case within the PLC5 migration project)

2) (Multi file tasks) each program at the top of each task has a (JSR) instruction calling the following programs within the same task.

This is what seems to be the case, and there may be more to it. If anyone else has a better explanation then please feel free correct me.

Thanks for this site. It has been a life saver. I have recently become a life member to add my support in return.

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