5069-l310er ethernet cutting out shortly after power up


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Hi all,
Im having a weird problem with my panel and i think its the plc causing it but it could be some other component.

When i power up my panel it all lights up happily and looks fine, plc goes into run all looks good.

But after maybe 10-20 seconds of the plc being in run i notice all of the remote io and inverters go into fault displaying B073, loss of ethernet.

This is happening pretty consistently but not every time, i was staring at the plc while it powered up this last time looking for something but i didnt see any error appear on the plc display.

As far as i can see im not losing my 24V power supply or something that might be turning my ethernet switch off
The first stop in troubleshooting intermittent network connections is the L310ER's web page. Type its IP address into your web browser and look over some of the ethernet statistics. Post screenshots if you can. Pay attention to any miss/rejected packets, FSC/Alignment errors. The page changes between controller models and possible revs, typically there is an Application Connections tab that displays information for each device, make sure there are no missed/rejected packets.

I find that leaving all devices at AutoBaud produces the best result.
Ok so changing the ethernet cable did not solve it, and i could not connect to the web server.. do i have to enable something through studio 5000?
Ok so changing the ethernet cable did not solve it, and i could not connect to the web server.. do i have to enable something through studio 5000?

Oh right you do have to enable it at some firmware rev, they disabled it by default. Someone they knows off the top of their head, or has one in front of them might have to chime in. I don't remember where you have to enable it.
I just looked a project that I have with 5069-L306ER (ver 32) and I could not find anything to turn on and was able to connect by typing the IP address of the controller into Internet Explorer.
If it was duplicate IP i expect the problem would be constant, i have also used NMAP from nmap.org to check all of my network devices, no duplications

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