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Originally Posted by Ronnie Sullivan View Post
It's what they think they can pay cardosocea.
But I keep tabs on payment level and availability and see the same thing over and over.

Jobs come in my inbox everyday. I'm not looking for a job but posted my CV to all the engineering recruiters to see how the land lies.

I see some that are actually taking the p1$$. 18 per hour for self employed programmer - systems engineer for 3 month contract etc. Immediate start... you don't say.

These jobs that are offering a low salary (and even the high ones) are re-advertised week after week. The wording gets more desperate.
Starts off with 'interviewing soon'
Then interview by phone or skype
On to urgent and very urgent
Then and only then............salary negotiable.
They know they are trying to catch a tuna with a worm.

I quote for jobs with a fair and honest price and am often told 'way too high'
I don't leave it at that. I reply with a few costings and a hint that they will get what they pay for.
Quite a few come back trying to nibble a little bit off the price (what happened to way too high)
We are never seen as highly skilled engineers - we wear workmans clothes and have local accents. Why should they pay us top wages.
What actually bothers me more is when the interviewer comes out with these two sentences or a variation of them:
"We don't pay overtime!"
"We don't like people looking at the clock."

On one occasion, the HR guy was stumped why I would have turned down such a good offer and I said that I would only accept if I had to punch a clock and got paid overtime for my work (and travel) or they would just have to give me far more than what they were offering to offset the potential hours worked outside of the 9 to 5.

Interestingly, I find that the best way to catch tuna is with a nice shiny lure on a sunny day. They'll go crazy for that.

Hopefully the rise in pay will be for all...
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