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Dear Ken,

I have nailed the fault and to eradicate it i must install those upgrades into the system. Well, thanx for the warning of what might go wrong as the system is critical and it would befall wrath of management on me if I somehow don't manage to bring things to norm after updating/upgrading.

But I really need to do it on my own for the sake of learning and confidence without making any mistakes.

I need to clear a few more things.
1) If my controller catalog number and FW version burned on it by factory was 17.1, can it be downgraded to 16.057 by using controlflash?Moreover, I have installed both Rslogix5k versions 16 and 17 but when in RSlogix I open controller properties it shows only 17.1 revision and none other.

2) Do I have to change the FW revisions in Rslogix5k as well after updating the FW revisions by using controlflash? or it will be automatically done?

3) For the purpose of backup, how to upload controlnet scheduled files via rsnetworx to my laptop if I don't have them? ( I was unable to get it via manuals)

I am really thankful to you for your timely reply and instructions.
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