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Originally Posted by cjd1965 View Post
My daughter is looking at University , so i was leafing through a jobs booklet targetted at students and i could see starting salaries listed. Lawyaers, Acountants, Retail managment etc all had high pay, upto 50K. Engineering was 20-25K
Wait, is retail management like being the manager of something like a clothing store? Over here, those jobs usually pay barely better than the just above minimum wage of the employees.

Originally Posted by Paully's5.0 View Post
I'll dress depending on who I am seeing at a job site. Project kickoffs where it's all high-level project managers and the people paying the PO I'll come in as business causal. If I'm talking to the people in the trenches, or there to do work I've found showing up in jeans and steal-toe boots "ready to go" gets me instant credibility rather than if I look like a salesman.

Know your audience.
Agreed there. If you know you're going straight to the floor, hardy clothes and PPE is the way to go.

But I know a great many engineers that will attend the project kickoff in the jeans and steel toes as well, and then they're surprised when the business types all look at them funny.
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