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Funny... I have had the same problem and have not found any fix...

Model Number

I even found info on the wonderful Knowledge base on Rockwells site.


(Notice the dates last updated)

I programmed and installed a unit some odd 4 years ago. Even as the programming is a bit archaic, I found it worked well. Not a single issue to be discussed with the programming.

So now I need to add another MMI and decided that we will just use the same thing over again. Added the few extra screens that consisted of basic buttons and functions tested the unit and had no problems.

Week or so later ERROR 60 (in several languages) No reason, no excuse nothing to explain it. When I called tech support I was told, that error does not exist in the firmware any longer. Hmmmm… Ok then what is it doing on my screen?

Long story short, I needed to update the firmware. I did and it made no difference. I was told it was the Bar graphs and that there is embedded text and it causes the error. This is after reading and several more calls to Tech Support.

So I followed the directions offered. I uploaded the latest version of the software, removed all bar graphs, re-designed them and recompiled project. Same thing, no different. I removed the bar graphs completely, no difference.

So I installed another MMI (same Model) with even newer firmware and there was no difference again. Failed just as intermittent as the other unit and at different times. Meanwhile, the original MMI bought years ago is still chugging away.

I have sent the project to tech support for review and still have not head a thing (1 week ago)

I really don’t thing that the error is a part of the project, settings or application. I think it is the firmware of the MMI and that running a particular object is making it flake out.

Jumping to Panel View Plus is an easy solution. GREAT then please give me the same unit as I have in the Panel View Plus Version. (for the same money) Also, please give me the software to program Panel View Plus. LOL….

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