Unable to set up FTview SE Network directory outside of the local network


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Hi all,

My company is building a machine that has a HMI that uses FTview SE Network distributed system.

the HMI server and network directory are located on a computer that is located within the local PLC network (192.168.125.XXX) and the local PLC network is connected to a router that connects our system to a larger ethernet (I´ve been using 192.168.1.XXX for testing)

So the client requires a computer that is connected to the 192.168.1.XXX larger ethernet network to display the HMI interface for our machine and this is what I am trying to set up... but I am unable to specify the network directory to the location of the computer within the local PLC network because I am unable to find it when I open "specify factorytalk network directory location"

Is this possible to have a FTview client on a seperate network connect to a FTview server and network directory that is on another netowork ?

Any help and/or suggestions regarding how to achieve this are greatly appreciated :)

see simplified network here:

Best regards,
Thanks Garry,

The subnetmask for both networks is, The router on that connects to the larger network is configured as a DHCP client.

I think my solution is to have two ethernet cards in the HMI server computer that hosts the network directory... and have that configured as DHCP client, that way I should be able to see the computer that hosts the network directory on the larger network (192.168.1.XXX) ... that will atleast be my next try :)

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Steinarr said:
Is this possible to have a FTview client on a seperate network connect to a FTview server and network directory that is on another netowork ?

Yes, this is possible, and you shouldn't need any extra ethernet adaptors.

I have a network distributed FTView SE application running almost exactly as you describe:

FTDirectory on 192.168.1.xxx (main corporate network)
HMI servers on 192.168.10.xxx (central process network)
Clients on different subnets according to production lines (192.168.11.xxx, 192.168.12.xxx, 192.168.13.xxx and so on)

It all works perfectly. Of course, you have to have routing set up correctly between all networks, and all of the devices need to have the correct gateway address set.

It was too long ago that I set it up, so I can't remember exactly how I did it, but if I recall rightly, the only problem that I had was that you have to specify the directory by NAME, not by IP ADDRESS. As you have to use the Fully Qualified Domain Name (FQDN), you have to keep the PC name under 15 characters.

Hope some of that helps!
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