View Full Version : Changes AB-Analog1771-IFE/A to 1771-IFE/C

June 5th, 2002, 06:59 AM
Hi All,

Does anybody knows how to changes the AB 1771-IFE/A to 1771-IFE/C ?
Because there are many difference between both.
I have try to move the jumper on the analog module for compatibility between series A and C,but this module still can't running properly when I start power supply to ON.

Ken Roach
June 5th, 2002, 11:53 AM
With the Series A/B compatibility jumper set, the configuration block transfers are all identical. The module is supposed to be a drop-in replacement.

Some of the electrical configuration for the module is also done by jumpers; are you certain you matched the new card's settings for single/differential and voltage/current to the same as the old card ? I don't think these pin arrangements or settings changed between Series A and C, but it's worth examining them to be sure.

The reason for the change was to add some overrange/underrange and calibration features to the card, as well as to update the hardware to more modern components (well, more modern as of five years ago). The configuration and data block transfers do change size to account for the new features when you're using a Series C module.

The user manual and installation instructions are online:


Anything else we should know about your system? What's the controller type (PLC-2, 3, 5, SLC, Logix....)