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A Free HMI with Eye Catching Graphics is Now Available

The first Beta release of AdvancedHMI is now available for download. AdvancedHMI is an HMI development package based on Visual Basic Express 2008 (also free). Although it is based on Visual Basic, it contains a group of controls that allow you to build an HMI without the need to write any code. Even those that have never written a single line of Basic can use it to develop an HMI. It includes a driver for Allen Bradley SLC/Micrologix over RS232, but will also work over DH485 and DH+ with appropriate hardware (KF2,KF3, DL3500, UIC). Also includes a very basic driver for Beckhoff TwinCAT (very early in development). All source code is included, making it very easy for more advanced VB programmers to expand the object library.

A quick how to video:
(can be watched in High Quality with link below and to the right of video - this seems to load faster too)

This is a community project, so anyone that wishes to contribute (graphics, code, testing, suggestions, etc) please let me know. Future additions include communication drivers for Ethernet/IP and Omron.

Any vendors interested in having their products (e.g. meter, scale display, etc.) made into components and added to this project, get with me.
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